[Speech Script] Lisa Ono

C7 speech Lisa Ono

General Purpose: To inform
Specific Purpose: To inform the audience that Success comes from “ Persistence”.

Opening (Introduce the topic)
Success, how to define a singer’s success. (Pause) Maybe you will say that if this album sales volume are big, then he/she is successful. In my opinion, a singer’s success should be influence of songs. I recently had been touched by this song which played by Lisa Ono. (and also touched by this girl …oh..)

This is the first time that lecafe(左岸咖啡) used the whole new style “Voice” to be Jingle (廣告配樂). They didn’t adopt people sound to be dub before. It point out the influence of this song. At that time, I just wondered that why Lisa Ono could sing such a wonderful song with influence. I was very interesting in these. So, I started to research. Now, I will share with you my finding.

Body (the reason for Success)
1. Sweet Voice & Smooth Tune
There is no doubt that she has sweet voice and smooth tune.
~PPT~ Here are some comments form her partners.
2. Bossa Nova Style
Lisa ono released the first album in 1989. After that, she doesn’t stop recording, and she put out one disc a year. Until now, she recorded almost 40 discs. She explored music from around the world. And she have tried to keep each country's accent. For instance, (~PPT~)she used the ukulele (a typical Hawaiian instrument) to play Hawaiian song. She used the accordion to play Italian songs. And she also sing French, African, and Arabic songs. She interpret these music in bossa nova style. she has transformed her material rather than being overwhelmed by it . Bossa nova seems like become her byword.

3. Strong Artistic Vision
Furthermore, Steve also . Someday Steve asked her, "your new popularity is wonderful, but what would you do if it came to an end?" She replied without a second thought, "I'd keep on playing the same music, because that's what I love to do." That shows her strong vision.

Conclusion (Try to link the audience, then call to action)
What can we learn from Lisa Ono. Although, We don’t have so sweet voice, we can learn that her success comes from “ Continuous Persistence”. She persisted in what she loved to do. To be a toastmaster, we learn communication and leadership via doing/speaking. Wanna be a professional speaker? Hold the chance as possible as you can. I deeply believe that your success is on the way. Toastmaster.

1.Lisa Ono




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