[Speech Script] How to be a self-demand reader

General Purpose: To inform
Specific Purpose: To inform audience to make good use of raising questions and making notes to be a self-demand reader.

Have you ever read books before sleep? Yes. I have. Do yo have this habit? Yes, I do. I like to choose the diffcult and heavy book to read with a dim light. It will help me to fall asleep quickly. Besides this benefit, what can I gain from this behavior. Almost nothing. I just like a “Sophomores” who likes reading but don’t know the meaning of the book. So I just read a book to resolve this problem to gain other benefits.

According to the books, If we want to improve comprehension ability and satisfy with curiosity, we should be a self-demand reader. [my dear members] Maybe all of you wonder how to be a self-demand reader? I tell you, we can be them via raising questions and taking notes.

The core of being a self-demand reader is raising questions.We should raise questions and try to answer them while reading. No matter which writing is, there are four questions we should raise.

Firstly, What does this book talk about in general?
We must try to find the topic of the book and to see how the author spread the topic step by step and decompose the secondary topic from the core topic.

Secondly, What does the author talk about in detail and how does he say?
We must try to find the main ideas, statement and argument, because these convey the messages the author want to tell.

Thirdly, Does the book make sense? All make sense or partly make sense?
After answering the previous questions, we should realize the author’s ideas. But it not enough to us, we should make a judgement from our point of view further.

Fourth, what is the relationship between the book and us ?
If the book gives us some information, we should think about what does it mean to us. Does it inspire us? Should we realize it?

Afer raising questions, we must know how to answer them properly and precisely. Making notes will be helpful for us to answer them. We can make good use of blank space and underline to do it. The way of making notes will be different form reading level.

If we just read a book, we should have a structual note-making(結構筆記).
It should be recorded the structure of the book, not the detail of the book.

If we read many books related to the one topic at the same time, we should have a conceptual note-making(概念筆記).
It should be recorded the different concepts related to one topic from many books.

The higher level focus on the scenaio of discussion, and we should have a dialectical note-making(辯證筆記).
It involves many authors and utilizes the structure of the concept to arrange related statements and questions.

In my opinion, “a good toastmaster should be a good reader”. Want to be a good reader, we should have high self-demand. My dear members wish you will be a self-demand reader to stride forward a good toastmaser.

some comments from members:

Timer: time spend ” 7 mins 20 second “


1. Well-organized
2. try to use poster to enhance the audience’s impression
3. try to use simple words and phrase
4. avoid jargon


1. get into your point directly. don’t waste time in introduce how to get your speech title.
2. more confortable in stage than before
3. more confident even forget your script
4. should explain more about 3 different note-making. how do them help us? don’t understand why you point them out?
5. under-line: notice your pronunction


1.don’t pay more attention to Grammer, just say it.


1. read (過去式的發音要注意)

End of meeting, i had got “The Most Improved Member Award”. Hope next time, i can get the best manual speaker.

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