[Speech Script] Are You Lohas

C9 speech Are you LOHAS?

Specific goal: to persuade people to be LOHAS


It is so good, right? We usually have dinner in Mcdonalds after meeting every Tuesday. Can you remind that? When you eat hamburgers in Mcdonalds, will you consider the impact of the hamburger for your health, your family health, even for the whole environment. If yes, you maybe be LOHAS.

What is LOHAS? LOHAS is an acronym for "Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability". It originated from the book “The Cultural Creatives:How 50 Million People Are Changing the World”, which written by Paul Ray,1998. Ray said that LOHAS consumers tend to make their purchasing decisions in keeping with their values of social and environmental responsibility. Furthermore, They are five key components “Sustainable Economy“,”Healthy Lifestyles”,”Ecological Lifestyles”,”Alternative Healthcare”,”Personal Development” in LOHAS.

According to the natural marketing institution report in 2005, they were 50 million adults in USA are LOHAS. It was almost equal to one-quarter of the population. In 2006, it grow up to 32%. It grow up very fast. We can see the similar situation in Taiwan. Now, I illustrate two stories with pictures.

<1> Sustainable living
In order to give children better living environment, his wife and he had quitted the job in Taipei. They come back to Hometown, toufen, in Maoli.(It’s also my hometown) Then, they opened a handmade grocery store, which appeal to “Non mass production”, “Diversity”,” Originate from environmental consciousness”. They lower their desire for material to have sustainable living.

<2>Organic food
In order to give people fresh fish without poison, Dr. jiang spend lots of energy to get most fresh fish and have many tests to make sure the fish are ok. It is also another kind of LOHAS behavior. They use their way to be LOHAS.

Besides that, there are more people having this concept in taiwan. During the preparation for speech, I surfed the internet to find some information about LOHAS. Few days later, I found that I can feel the sounds which go behind the pc/net to show their strong support for LOHAS. It just like the advertisement of “偉士比/福氣啦”. Many people show their support for LOHAS.

Then, I thought that why did they have so strong desire to support this concept.
Maybe they want to protect the environment.
Maybe they want to use renewable energy source.
Maybe they want to choose environmentally friendly product and services.
Maybe they care about womem’s issues.

I believe that some of you also agree these concepts.
And I thought that if there is one more person in club to be LOHAS-
The environment will have less pollution
The club will lower the frequency to have dinner in Mcdonalds.
The person will become more healthy.

If there is one more person, I hope you will be that person.




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