Make Meaning in Your Company

Guy Kawasaki

Founder and Managing Director of Garage Technology Ventures. He is my idol. Recently, i tried to find something about him. I has found lots of video in STVP.

The first video in stvp, he told us that we should make meaning in our company. I think it's a very good thinking. I especially like what he said in the video.

If you setup to make meaning, you maybe can make money. But if you setup to make money, you may not make meaning, and even don't make meaning.

By this thinking, i think if we lose, we just wasted our resouces on making meaning.

So,my dear friends, if you want to start up a new biz. Try to think how to make meaning. Also, you can find some resouces from Standord stvp or search Guy Kawasaki.

Enjoy it.

Video Source:svtp
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